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Microsoft: Xbox One X will also support the PC monitors at 1440p

Here's some news that will surely make happy those who plan to take an Xbox One X to connect it, rather than to a TV, monitor on PC gaming. Microsoft has revealed that the new console will be the first in the world to natively support the resolution 1440p , very widespread precisely on a PC monitor.

The news is significant because, until now, owners of these monitors have had to settle for a resolution upscaling 1080 p when connected to gaming consoles, relying on the internal hardware of the monitors for the scaling of the image that could be more or less valid. With native support to 1440p instead, Xbox One X natively render as fast as 4 k and then make the supersampling to 1440p, thus returning the highest quality obtainable on these monitors.

We also know that Digital Foundry is preparing a test console right on monitors of that resolution, together with an analysis of performance with active FreeSync, technology of which we have already discussed , supported by Star Wars: Battlefront II and for now only available on the PC monitor. We will update you when these tests will be published.