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WUCHANG: Fallen Feathers, new action-RPG from China announced with a long gameplay

Chinese developer Leenzee Games has announced WUCHANG: Fallen Feathers,an action-RPG set in the last years of the Ming Dynasty in ancient China. The release is scheduled for 2024 on next-generation consoles.

Set in the last years of the Ming Dynasty, the title will take us to explore landscapes of imperial China as battle breaks out against mysterious forces that turn a grim reality into a supernatural horror, making us clash with crazy bandits, deformed giants and huge demonic monsters using two-handed swords, axes and ancient firearms.

The story of the game takes place after the emperor of the Ming Dynasty Chongzhen has just hanged himself. Conflicts and rebellions erupt across China as warlords fight for power among the remnants of the Ming Dynasty. Armies of bandits take advantage of the chaos, raiding villages across the country and human order has almost disappeared. But a strange event began to occur: on the bodies of people begin to grow feathers, drastically altering their behavior and appearance. In this adventure, players will travel through traditional Ming Dynasty cities, remote human villages, misty temple pagodas, and Shu ceremonial underground sites to discover the powerful force behind these horrific transformations.

We leave you to the announcement trailer and a full-bodied set of images.

MX Video - WUCHANG: Fallen Feathers