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MondoXbox announces... MondoXbox Rewards: Follow us on Twitch and earn months of Game Pass!

Our hosts had already told you about it during previous Twitch live streams, but now it's time to officially announce them: mondoxbox rewards,the loyalty program of our Twitch channel that most follows us and rewards you with standard Xbox Game Pass or Ultimate subscriptions!

Are you interested and want to find out how it all works? Read on!

Thanks to the potential of the StreamElements platform, starting from June 17, 2021 all our followers will be able to accumulate 1 MX Point for every 10 minutesof direct follow-up, which can then be "spent" to obtain 3 months of Standard Console /PC Game Pass (7,500 MX points) or a month of Ultimate Game Pass (3,250 MX points).

What about subscribers?
For them we thought of a HUGE advantage. Having an active diver allows you to get 3 MX points (triple) for every 10 minutes of live watched. In addition, at the time of signing the first subscription and each renewal or subscription given, you get 250 extra points,which obviously add up to those obtained by following the live streams!

What if I want to speed up the point collection even faster?
simple! Simply take part in one of our twitch community nights and play with us to receive a 50-point bonus (150 for subscribers).

Okay, that's all very nice. How do I participate?
First, make sure you're a follower of our Twitch channel( activate your subscription if you want to benefit from the 3X boost reserved for subscribers. After doing this check, go to the information section of our Twitch channel, search for the StreamElements widget and grant permissions to the platform (as shown below). This step is critical to allowing the system to track viewing minutes.


I like it. How do I check how many points I've accumulated?
The updated points balance is reported in the widget on the CHANNEL INFORMATION page or in the public LEADERBOARD on this page. Followers and Subscribers can also check their points balance at any time directly from the channel chat, by typing the !points command

crystal clear. What should I do to redeem the prize once enough points have been accumulated?
To redeem the prizes, simply go to the STORE ITEMS section of the widget, select the prize and enter the requested data. Alternatively you can go to this page and select the prize on the dedicated page through your browser (pc or mobile). No.B. In both cases the delivery of the code will not be immediate (approximately the code will be delivered to you within 24/48h).


  1. By participating in the MONDOXBOX REWARDS initiative, you agree to the platform's policy and privacy policy, as well as
  2. The user, aware that the violation of the host platform regulation ( / could be sanctioned by expulsion and/or suspension and/or ban from the platform itself, choosing to participate in the MONDOXBOX REWARDS initiative:
    1. declares that it assumes all responsibility for any conduct that is in the way of the regulation;
    2. it undertakes to relieve (i.e. maintain) of any liability in the event that the user, in violation of the previously accepted rules of conduct (see a)), will be imposed a penalty that could exclude him from the MONDOXBOX REWARDS initiative, resulting in the loss of all accumulated MX Points.

What are you waiting for, then? Follow us assiduously on Twitch to start earning MX points to earn your rewards!