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Ubisoft: Far Cry 6 will also be playable in the third person

At times in the recent far cry 6 video, Dani's character went from first to third person and some fans immediately wondered if it was a real feature of the game or something that only related to cut-scenes. In a recent interview, the narrative director Navid Khavari spoke in a recent interview, who specified that the game will have a third-person mode that can be used at specific moments of theadventure.

One of the main reasons the development team has also chosen for this mode is to give players the opportunity to identify with Dani as fully as possible and to fully enjoy the aesthetic customizations made to the character, which is not possible in first-person mode.

Khavari also explained that the third-person transition will be possible in guerrilla encampments- and during specific combat situations- with the aim of better emphasizing Dani's abilities. This mode will also be available when we use the "Supreme" Jetpack,to quickly jump from place to place, improving the visual impact of combat and control of the device. This decision, according to the narrative director, will allow players to connect with the character even more.

In fact, all this could attract even more fans to this series: players who have never played a Far Cry title until now precisely because in the first person, they would now find themselves with a product more appropriate to their tastes.