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The Coalition moves to Unreal Engine 5 to develop multiple next-gen projects

Epic Games announced in May last year that it would create games that would be impossible to make with current technology and that will make the work of next-gen title developers easier.

Today, Microsoft developer The Coalition,known for giving birth to Gears of War 4 and Gears 5, announced that it has begun producing a number of new generation projects coming soon, usingthe Unreal Engine 5. This would therefore not only concern a new Gears 6, but also other projects that are not yet unknown.

However, it makes it clear to the developer that he does not expect an announcement of new titles very soon, as switching to a new engine is a big undertaking and, therefore, no new projects or titles will be announced for some time.

As for the support of Gears 5,the studio has finally confirmed that it will carry out Operations 7 and 8 which will introduce new characters, maps and special events, after which no further developments are planned.

Obviously we players can only wait for new news about these future projects.