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Gears 5's Operation 5: Hollow Storm is available and adds 5 new maps

The Coalition has announced that the full-bodied update for Gears 5 is now available introducing seven characters - Dizzy Wallin, Tai Kaliso, gears of war 2's deadlySkorge , Anya Stroud, Lambent Drone, Lambent Grenadier and Gears of War 3's Lambent Theron Guard - five maps, thirteen new targets and the Scorcher.

  • New maps: In Nexus,players will fight among the rivers of Imulsion in the Locust stronghold in the depths of Mount Kadar. Regency, on the other hand, is placed high above the clouds and inspires fear and fear.
  • Classic maps:Maps from gears of wa's original trilogyr. Gridlock and Gears of War's Clocktower are back on the list and finally River,a classic gears of war 2 map.

In addition, the skin of the character Gabe is also available; players who complete the Gears Tactics tutorial will automatically unlock it once they access Gears 5..

According to the developers, Versus multiplayer is fully optimized for Xbox Series X | S with 120 frames per second locked on both consoles.

We leave you to the trailer dedicated to the update in question.

MX Video - Gears 5