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Maneater shark makes next-gen jump with ray-tracing, 60 fps and other improvements

Deep Silver and Tripwire Interactive announced today that Maneater,the popular RPG in which we play a killer shark, will be upgraded for free at the launch of next-gen consoles with the addition of ray-tracing, 4K/60 fps (Xbox Series S owners will benefit from greater graphics fidelity than the current gen version along with the increase in frame-rate) as well as new light effects that will make the game's underwater world even more alive.

If you hadn't tried this interesting title yet you could then take the leap on Xbox Series X and S you've already played it, you can now enjoy it with better graphics. We remind you of the features of the game:

Fully evolved for next-generation consoles: The King of the Abyss will return more powerful than ever in the next generation of consoles. Next-generation hardware features, including ray-tracing, native 4K HDR support with 60 silk-fluid FPS, lush new light effects, immersive feedback with PlayStation DualSense controllers®5, and more, will give players the ultimate experience.

  • Eat: feed on humans, consume nutrients and find rare loot to evolve beyond what nature would allow.
  • Explore the gulf:Explore seven major regions, including gulf bays, resort beaches, industrial piers, open ocean and more. Experience a living world with a full day/night cycle.
  • Evolve into a legend:Unlock a number of different evolutions by improving and empowering your shark in the countryside.
  • A unique story:play a complete story narrated by Chris Parnell(Rick and Morty, Saturday Night Live, 30 Rock)against the backdrop of a reality TV show.
  • Diverse and addictive combat: Fight against ferocious wild predators or various types of human hunters.