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Rumor: Microsoft will cancel the Live Gold, multiplayer will become free for everyone

Here's a rumor of those absolutely interesting, which if it were true would prove a real bombshell: according to the American journalist Jeff Grubb, who in the past has already proven to have excellent sources within Microsoft, the redmond house would be about to cancel the Xbox Live Gold program,making multiplayer on Xbox completely free.

According to Grubb,users won't be forced to buy any subscriptions, not even the Ultimate Pass, to play online: the two Game Pass and Game Pass Ultimate subscriptions would only stay with the purpose of having a library of "free" games, on Xbox and PC, and streaming via xCloud (only with Ultimate for these two options).

If this prediction were to come true, it would be a real bombshell: just as Xbox was the first among console manufacturers to introduce a subscription for online gaming, it would also be the first to remove it, thus leaving the competition with an obvious disadvantage in the eyes of the players.

The rumor would also be corroborated by the fact that Microsoft recently removed the ability to purchase Gold subscriptions for 12 months on the Store, leaving only those for 3 and 6 months; who is preparing for this cancellation of the service?

It's likely that if there's anything true about this rumor, it will be revealed in August, when Microsoft will make more announcements on Xbox and Xbox Series X. Stay tuned to learn more!