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The Persistence's space horror arrives on Xbox One in May

The independent studio firesprite has announced that the sci-fi survival horror with atmospheres at Dead Space The Persistence,released in the past only on VR platforms, will arrive on May 21 on Xbox One in a reworked version to be able to work even on normal TVs.

For more information on the title we leave you to the official tab followed by an announcement trailer and a set of images: good reading and good viewing!

The Persistence challenges you, a clone of the head of security, Zimri Eder, to survive aboard a colonial ship overrun by murderous aberrations. You're the last survivor. Your mission? Restore the ship's capabilities to return to Earth.

Death is just the beginning
The only thing standing between you and the salvation of the ship are cloned monstrosities, constantly replenished by the malfunctioning clone printer. If some of the encounters with these enemies prove fatal, Zimri's consciousness will be transferred to a new host body, to prepare for a new attempt.

An ever-changing labyrinth
The colonial spaceship has an automatic macrostructure that can alter its internal architecture, and that's exactly what happened because of its catastrophic malfunction. After waking up in a new cloned body or teleporting between decks, the structure of the spacecraft will change every time. Each expedition on The Persistence will be unique, with a different structure, and various items and equipment to collect and upgrade.

Strengthen, empower, and improve
20th century technologies enable genetic enhancement and manipulation of dark matter. Rise Zimri's DNA to improve his health, stamina and defensive abilities, or do the same with the crew's DNA to create new bodies to inhabit, each with his own unique abilities.

Explore, avoid enemies, fight and collect resources
The mutated horde won't think twice about tearing Zimri to pieces. Use the environment to scour, hunt, and gain a tactical advantage to avoid enemies or take them down. Explore the spacecraft's decks, collect resources, weapons, and armor customizations that will help you survive in your exploration of the spacecraft's depths.

Asymmetrical multiplayer
Connect a smartphone or tablet with IOS or Android to the game so that up to 2 players control "Solex", the ship's engineering system. Once connected, they will control the system in real time, including the ability to attract creatures, open doors, and disable the spacecraft's internal defenses.
For asymmetric multiplayer to work, you need a compatible IOS or Android device and the "The Persistence" app. There may be charges for data traffic.

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