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Gridiron makes its debut in Gears 5 with Operation 3, Cole arrives

The Coalition has announced that gears 5'sOperation 3 will start on March 31, named after the new mode it will introduce into the game: Gridiron.Operazione 3 But this is just the main novelty of a new season that promises to be very rich in content.

The new mode, Gridiron, is an entirely new proposition: a new one not only for Gears 5,but for the entire Gears of Warseries.

It is a five-player PvP mode for two teams and looks like a hybrid between a "flag capture" and a classic team-deathmatch. The aim of the game is to capture the only flag on the map and take it to the opponent's goal zone, where you have to resist 5 seconds without being knocked down to score and thus win 2 points. However, the same score can be achieved by eliminating all members of the opposing team (there are no respawns), so the field is open for the most diverse strategies. In addition, 1 point is awarded to the team holding the flag at the end of each of the two-minute rounds in which the match is arranged. The first team to reach thirteen points wins.

The new Operation will bring four more unlockable characters to the game, first of all the beloved Augustus Cole! In addition to the over-the-top dialogues he's used to, The Cole Train will show off a spectacular special skill in PvE, which will turn him into an unstoppable ram to the charge that leaves a fiery trail in his path. The other characters are no less, however, since the line-up is completed by Clayton Carmine and, as for the Army of the Locusts, Queen Myrrah and the Guardian Theron.

New mode, new characters... could new maps be missing for this season? Obviously not and The Coalition will try to please everyone by proposing both a completely new map(Pahanu),and the return of one of the most classic and played maps, present from the very first episode: Channels.

In addition to all this new content, the studio is working to improve and enrich the game and everything that revolves around it. The new Operation will come with an improved and more accessible seasonal progress system, new objectives, and new gameplay tweaks. Detailed communications are announced in the coming days and we will not fail to report on them. Now let's leave you to the trailer for the presentation of the new Operation, good viewing!

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