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John Wick prepares to arrive on our consoles with a hybrid action/strategic

The indie publisher Good Shepherd Entertainment today announced the development of John Wick Hex, a title dedicated to the hugely popular and extremely rancorous cinematic character played by Keanu Reeves. The game is made by an exceptional game designer: Mike Bithell, former author of titles such as Volume, Thomas Was Alone and subsurface Circular, and will introduce an unprecedented strategic gameplay alongside the intense action scenes for which The films of John Wick are famous, now renamed "Gun Fu".

The title, rendered with a nice graphic in cel shading, will accurately simulate the behavior of each weapon including loading times and the shortage of bullets, and in each clash the action will be paused to enable us to decide at best how to make Move John among dozens of enemies. If we have carefully planned his actions, he will emerge unharmed.

For now the launch date of the game is not known; Waiting for more news we leave you to the trailer of announcement in which we are shown very quickly also some scenes of strategic gameplay, combined with a first set of images. Good vision!

MX Video - John Wick Hex