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Eternity The Last Unicorn: 1 c Entertainment Announces an RPG dedicated to Norse mythology

The indie publisher 1 c Entertainment announced Void's development Studios of Eternity: The Last Unicorn , a new action RPG set in Alfheim where we will protect from a curse the last Unicorn still alive, allowing the Elves to keep their immortality.

This is only the beginning of the story through about 12 hours of play announced will enable us to live in the world of Alfheim and having to deal with all the folklore of Norse mythology, including gods and fantastic creatures like Joltunn and Fenrir. Two will be usable characters in the game: the young elf Aurehen and Viking Bior, each with unique abilities and of course its own history waiting to be discovered.

The game will cost €19.99 arriving on our console in 2019 ; we leave you the announce trailer and enjoy!

MX Video - Eternity: The Last Unicorn