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Xbox One: mouse and keyboard support is finally in the home stretch, Warframe first game

It is now more than a year that Microsoft had announced to be working for the mouse and keyboard support on Xbox One games, but so far little had moved. The situation is however destined to finally unblock itself: Microsoft has announced that developers have already been provided SDKs (development libraries, for those less accustomed) to integrate keyboard and mouse in their games, and members of Preview program can test the functionality from the coming weeks in the first title that will support the new input system, free-to-play shooter Warframe .

Microsoft is keen, however, to specify that the mouse and keyboard support in the games would depend on the individual developers and will vary from game to game: it is adopted only by those teams who consider that such an input system can help to their titles.

Of course using the standard controller will always be required, then it will never be a game that supports only mouse and keyboard, and the new control system will never be enabled by default in games that support it, but it's going to be selected by the players. And developers are strongly encouraged to introduce multiplayer titles the choice for players to play only with those using the same control system or with everyone.

The console will support most mice and keyboards on the market, both wired and wireless, but there will be a pair of mouse and keyboard from Razer gaming made specifically for use with Xbox. More details will be revealed during the live Xbox Inside of 10 November: stay tuned for all the news!