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The cosmic horror of Scars Above returns to show itself in an overview of the game

Prime Matter and Mad Head Games today released an overview video with Italian subtitles of Scars Above, a third-person sci-fi action-adventure set in a mysterious alien world.

The trailer illustrates the fundamental elements of the game such as exploration, combat and research, following the adventures of the protagonist Kate who tries to survive in a surreal and dangerous world.

We leave you to the official details on the game and the movie, reminding you that it is expected for February 28th. Enjoy!

A colossal and enigmatic alien structure appears in Earth's orbit and stuns the entire world; humanity calls it "The Metahedron". The Sentient Contact Assessment and Response (SCAR) team, made up of scientists and engineers, is sent to investigate.

Things don't go as planned, and the Metahedron drags the team through space to a mysterious exoplanet. You play as Dr. Kate Ward, a member of the SCAR, who wakes up dazed and alone in a strange and hostile environment. Determined to survive, she sets out to find her crew and unravel the mystery behind what happened.

Key features

  • Surviving against all odds - Kate is an astronaut and scientist, not a soldier, but she's resourceful and determined to do anything to survive. Using a combination of ranged weapons, devices, consumables, and melee attacks, you must manage resistance as you run, dodge, exploit weaknesses, and discover effective tactics to defeat enemies. Combine different elemental attacks to defeat odds and overcome otherwise insurmountable obstacles. Create different items and gadgets to help you fight the countless threats of this exoplanet.
  • Explore a mysterious exoplanet - Immerse yourself in a carefully crafted adventure, inspired by sci-fi classics. Explore an alien world full of countless threats, beautiful landscapes and ruins that suggest an ancient but advanced civilization, somehow disappeared. Travel through different biomes, such as swamps, icy deserts, underground caverns and alien structures, all with their own set of challenges, enemies, secrets and environmental dangers.
  • Embark on a journey of research - Kate is a scientist to the core and you will use this scientific experience to extract information from the surrounding environment, scanning artifacts, materials and creatures to learn about their characteristics, properties and weaknesses. As you explore your surroundings, you'll perform analysis and gain knowledge that will allow you to craft new gadgets, weapons, and unlock skills in Xenobiology and Engineering trees.
  • Creepy Boss Fights - Enemy design, with different strategies and tactics, will make encounters look new, forcing you to find creative ways to defeat them.
MX Video - Scars Above