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Rumor: Microsoft releases Cloud Gaming for purchased games, announcement at gamescom?

In June, Microsoft announced that it was working to allow us to use Cloud Gaming - the streaming game service currently connected to the Ultimate Game Pass - also for our purchased games, regardless of their presence in the Pass; it seems now that this feature could arrive very soon, with an announcement perhaps at gamescom, in two weeks.

Some users have in fact discovered that Microsoft has already prepared the pages to play in the Cloud with numerous titles not present in the pass, such as Elden Ring and Cyberpunk 2077; these pages, which you can test yourself by clicking on the previous links, look like in the following screenshots:

For now, of course, the pages of these games do not work, signaling that we do not own them even though we actually bought them, but they are still a strong indication that Microsoft is preparing to release the feature. But when could we have it? A clue is given by the director of the Xbox Cloud Gaming program, Vineet Rastogi, who in a tweet announced today that he will be at gamescom. And what reason to be at the fair, if not to announce news like this? We are waiting for news that we will report promptly!