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Forza Motorsport 7 reaches the End of Life, exits the Store and Game Pass in mid-September

Turn 10 announced today that Forza Motorsport 7, the simulation racer released in 2017, will soon reach the End of Lifestatus , and as a result will be removed from the Microsoft Store and game pass starting september 15.

The study did not explain the reasons for this removal that comes relatively early and that was not expected for a First Party title; probably some of the car licenses present in the game are expiring without there being the will, on the part of the owners, to renew them to Microsoft, which causes the game to be forced out of the Store.

Turn 10 explains, however, that for those who have already purchased the game or the related DLCs, the title will not disappear: the owners of the title will be able to continue to download and play it, even in multiplayer modes, and Microsoft itself will continue to sponsor eSports events dedicated to the title. Those who play it through Game Pass but have purchased paid DLC,will soon receive a code through the Xbox messaging system to redeem the game , so you can continue to use it even when it is removed from theservice.

We also remind you that the game is currently at a discount of 9.99 Euros,so if you want to make sure before it is removed from the Store, this is the right opportunity.

The new title in the series, simply called Forza Motorsport, is currently in development for Xbox Series X and S but without a release date, while the new episode of the arcade spin-off series, Forza Horizon 5, will arrive on November 9.