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Forza Motorsport: fans will soon be able to start trying it

As we know, Turn 10 has been working for a long time on the new Forza Motorsport,which abandons the numbering in the title precisely to signal that it will be a kind of "rebirth"of the series, with many news coming. And it seems that developments are progressing well, since the studio has decided to allow fans to start trying it out.

Creative director Chris Esaki has revealed that, after a period of weekly internal testing on the game, it's time to start engaging fans, who will be given the chance to " test a part of thegame".

This possibility will be reserved for members of the Forza Panel,turn 10's feedback program through which Redmond's studio collects suggestions and complaints from players about their titles. To have a chance to try the game in advance you will have to do nothing but subscribe through this page,entering your personal data and answering as sincerely as possible all the questions, unfortunately only in English.

The fact that Turn 10 is already ready to make the public try the game could also suggest that there is not much left at the release of the game: that the announcement of the launch for the end of the year may come as a surprise, or will we have to wait until 2022? We will probably find out in June, during E3!