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Insurmountable brings mountaineering to the world of video games

The German studio ByterRockers' Games has announced the development of Insurmountable,a "mountaineering simulator" that will see us face dangerous rock walls on which death is constantly lurking and above all permanent; we will therefore have to be able to think strategically to find the best path to reach the top, or resign ourselves to leaving the company but with the possibility of starting again more enhanced, in full roguelike style.

The game will arrive at the end of April on PC, while the console version, complete with optimizations for the new generation, will arrive later. We leave you below to a series of official information about the game and the announcement trailer.

Insurmountable is a roguelike adventure with permadeath, in which the player must overcome huge mountains. Thanks to the procedurally created environment, there are no two equal climbs. Make sure your climber stays alive by always making sure vitals don't enter the critical range. This task is made more difficult by a dynamic weather system, day/night changes and a multitude of randomly generated events, which you never know in advance how they will end. Your decisions matter, every single decision. Because each one could be the last.

Choose one of the three characters with different skills and background stories and start climbing the first mountain. Look for crates, caves, and ancient ruins to find the equipment of past adventurers. You will need it, because even the first mountain will demand everything from you. But don't worry. Over time you will become stronger and stronger. Decide freely, in a sophisticated skill system, what strengths your climber should have.

Over each of the three mysterious stories, you'll encounter dangerous animals, overcome deadly depths, encounter sinister and well-known characters, who don't always have to be human. Here, too, your every decision decides the next events.

In the end you have to conquer three mountains. A higher and more deadly than the previous one. Divide your forces and equipment correctly, because you don't have a second attempt and can forget to learn a route. In Insurmountable you have to face unknown dangers, react spontaneously to unpredictable events and realize in the end that, as in life, you can not always know the consequences of your decisions, but you have to deal with them anyway and in the end, often goes differently than you thought.

Take on the challenge of ever-changing dangers, face snowstorms and the sheer power of nature, always keep your eyes on the summit, and overcome the insurmountable.

Main features

  • There are no two equal climbs
  • Procedurally generated mountains
  • Dynamic world with different atmospheric effects
  • Hundreds of events with ever-different outcomes
  • Strategic gameplay in route search and statistics and equipment management
  • Three characters with different abilities
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