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Bloomberg: EA cancels dragon age 4 online component, will be a single-player RPG

After this morning's bad news about Anthem,here's finally a welcome news about EA and BioWare. The popular financial newspaper Bloomberg has revealed that EA has decided for a radical change of course in the development of Dragon Age 4,a new episode of the popular RPG series.

Bloomberg sources explain that Dragon Age 4 should have had a strong online/multiplayercomponent, but that following the great success of a single player title such as Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order and the failure of an online-focused title such as Anthem,the Californian company decided to indulge the complaints of a group of BioWare executives who had long insisted on a return to a single player model.

The new RPG will therefore be an exquisitely lonely experience, no frills or multiplayer forcing: certainly good news for those who wanted such a title, absolutely in line with the origins of the series!