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Amazon Prime users? Here's how to subscribe to our Twitch channel for free!

If you own an Amazon Prime subscription you may not know that in addition to benefits such as free shipping and access to Prime Video,this also grants you access to Prime Gaming,Amazon's gaming program that guarantees you numerous extras and content for your games, as well as being able to be tied to a Twitch account.

And it is through the latter option that you can subscribe to our Twitch channel,so as to support streamers who daily cheer up your evenings and beyond.

If you want to support us, then, here's how to do it:

1 - Connect your Amazon Prime account to Twitch

Go to the Prime Gaming page and, after logging in with your Amazon account, click on the " Link Twitch Account " menu on theleft. This will allow you to logga to Twitch, if you are not already, asking you for confirmation of the association of the two accounts.


2 - Subscribe to our channel

Once your Twitch account is linked to your Prime account, go to our Twitch channel and click on the "Subscribe" button: this will show you a number of paid options, including " Gift Subscriptionwith Prime". Select this one to subscribe for free for a month to our channel!

3 - How to renew your subscription

The subscription thus activated will last for one month: once it expires you will still have the opportunity to renew it, always free of charge, through Amazon Prime: all you have to do is go to your subscription management page and perform the renewal.

That's all: in doing so you will give us your support by helping us keep the channel alive: if you have an Amazon Prime account it doesn't cost you anything and you will give us a great help! We thank you in advance if you would like to give us your :)