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Hellblade is the first playable Project xCloud title without a controller

Today Microsoft has finally introduced one of the most highly publicized Project xCloud features prior to the project's Beta launch: the ability to play without a controller connected to our phones, using fully adaptable and customizable on-screen touch controls by developers.

The first game to take advantage of this system is Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice,which we can then start on our phones without having a controller with us. The game shows us atouch interface superimposed on the image of the game, which disappears during the cut-scenes to allow us to enjoy the best of the beautiful cinematics of the game and that, during the gameplay sections, allows us to play showing only the necessary contextual controls at all times.

This type of controls must be added specifically by the developers of the individual games and adapted to the specific dynamics of each title; For now we know that The Coalition is also working to add touch controls to Gears 5, but it's likely that more titles will be added in the future.

If you have access to the Project xCloud test you can test the new control system right away (obviously keeping in mind that it's being tested and therefore not definitive), otherwise you'll have to wait until September, when Microsoft's streaming system will be included for all owners of the Ultimate Game Pass.