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Everspace, Resident Evil Revelations and 5 other games leave Game Pass in June

Microsoft has revealed the list of titles that will leave Xbox Game Pass this month: It's Everspace, Resident Evil Revelations, Riptide GP: Renegade, Riverbond, ScreamRide, Superhot and Shriek Supermarket.

As usual, we do not know the precise dates when these titles will no longer be playable by subscription holders, but it can be assumed that they will be available until approximately mid-month.

Resident Evil Revelations (entered the Game Pass a year ago) is probably the longest-completed game on the list: if you plan to start it, carefully consider the time available to get to the end credits on time.

On the contrary, it should take you a maximum of ten hours to do everything feasible on Supermarket Shriek,the original racer that puts you at the wheel of a... shopping cart! For this reason too, the stay in the Game Pass was a year.

About indie titles it should be noted the presence in the list of Superhot, brilliant first-person shooter that our review at the time judged "unmissable": the advice always remains valid, do not lose it!

Please note that Xbox Game Pass is a subscription service that, at a cost of 9.99 euros per month, allows you to play freely and unrestricted to all the titles included in the service, with new games that are added every month. You can buy it from this page on the Microsoft Store,or make a single subscription to Game Pass -Live Gold with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, which you can purchase from this page.