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Xbox Series X gameplay (and with us!) on Thursday: here's what to expect!

We're almost there: two days to go untilThursday, May 7,when we can discover the first Xbox Series X gameplay. We remind you that, if you want, you can follow the entire event with us in the special episode of One, Two... X! where we will watch and comment with you everything that will be shown in the Mixer channel of our Mirko.

But what could be revealed? We know for a fact that this showcase will focus on third-party games,since a later event is planned to talk only about those produced by Microsoft (and already this says a lot about the amount of content that is about to invade the new console); based on this information, let's guess what might be shown:

  • Assassin's Creed Valhalla: This is the only title certain, as Ubisoft has confirmed that it will be shown at the Xbox event.
  • Elden Ring: We already know that Microsoft has a marketing agreement for the highly anticipated new souls-like hidetaka Miyazaki (the dad of Sark Souls, Bloodborne and Sekiro), and persistent rumours say that the developers have so far avoided showing it just so they can show it on Xbox X Series.
  • DIRT: Codemasters has announced that a new title from the DIRT serieswill be revealed soon, but that it will be "something different" than what has been seen so far and entrusted to a completely new team. And what better chance to reveal it on the most powerful console of the next-gen? You don't want to, but we dream of an "archdone" DIRT that will make us relive the emotions of the fabulous RalliSport Challenge!
  • Prince of Persia 6: This game does not yet officially exist, but the recent registration of the domain by Ubisoft makes us realize that it could be revealed on this very occasion.
  • Gods & Monsters: Ubisoft's new open world action-adventure hasn't shown us gameplay yet, and this might be the right opportunity.
  • Watch Dogs Legion: We've seen the gameplay several times of Ubisoft's multi-deferred open world title, which is why it might be great to see the improvements it'll have on Xbox Series X!
  • New Rocksteady title: Whether it's a Batman or another DC-related title, Rocksteady's much-talked-about new game is almost legendary. This may be the right time to reveal it!
  • Harry Potter:The famous Harry Potter action-RPG leaked two years ago has not been known. It's the right time for Warner Bros. to reveal it?
  • Dying Light 2: of this has already been seen a lot and seemed practically finished, but given the postponement that the game has undergone it is possible that the developers are upgrading it for the next Jan. And if so, the best stage to show it on is Xbox Series X!
  • Cyberpunk 2077: This would be almost obvious, but we're not really sure that CD Projekt RED already has an Xbox Series X version ready to show. It may be one of the big absentees of the event, but we ardently hope to see Night City in next-gen version!
  • Surprises!: Microsoft has already stated that there will be several surprises and titles never announced before, so we expect to gasp in the armchair more than once during the event! And who knows that some of these surprises are not announced exclusively Xbox!

What do you think? Does that sound like a plausible list? Would you add a few games? Let us know and remember to follow the event with us on Mirko's Mixer channel!