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On Thursday, follow the Xbox Series X gameplay reveal!

On Thursday, May 7, we'll finally be able to see the first xbox Series X gameplay,albeit limited to third-party productions; If you are going to follow the event live, we suggest then to do it with us, in the special episode of One, Two... X! during which our Mirko "Thor" and Matteo "Maguz" will follow Microsoft's Inside Xbox live commenting with you on everything that will be shown.

If the idea teases you, then, bookmark Mirko's Mixer channel or search for "ThorX360" on your Xbox One's Mixer app to follow it from the comfort of your TV; The appointment is for May 7 at 4:30 pm,so start chatting about what we expect will be shown and then watch together and comment on all the gameplay that will be shown. We are waiting for you many,don't miss it!