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Epic Games will publish upcoming works by Remedy, Playdead and gen DESIGN

Epic Games has chosen to launch itself as a "pure" multi-format publisher and chooses three big-name developers as its partners: Remedy (Control, Quantum Break), Playdead (Limbo, Inside)and gen DESIGN (The Last Guardian).

The agreement with these developers provides for a total coverage of the construction costs by Epic and a 50% division of the profits obtained from the game, once the expenses incurred are covered. Development studios will maintain the intellectual property of their games and enjoy total creative freedom in the implementation of them.

It seems logical that Epic's intention, as a publisher, is to distribute cross-platform games,also in view of his commitment as a digital distributor of PC games: the same communiquƩ of the behemoth led by Tim Sweeney speaks explicitly of "a new multiplatform publishing effort" (so " a newcross-platform release initiative"), without going into the merits of what the approach adopted by individual studios will be for their future work.

While Playdead,the Danish study author of the celebrated Limbo and Inside,has always been moving in a cross-platform perspective, it will be interesting to see if the other two studies will follow the same path.

The close partnership between Remedy and Microsoft is now a thing of the past, but despite this the rumours of a possible rapprochement, if not even an acquisition, have never completely subsided: in the light of this news, they must now be considered definitively baseless and in all likelihood Remedy will continue to develop for all platforms, as already happened with the last Control.

Even more interesting will be to evaluate the behavior of gen DESIGN: the works done so far by the studio directed by the brilliant Fumito Ueda (Ico, Shadow of The Colossus, The Last Guardian) have all been published exclusively on PlayStation.

We leave you to the trailer with which Epic advertised this new initiative, good viewing!

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