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Rumor: Will Halo Infinite introduce aquatic vehicles?

To date, less than a year after the launch of Halo Infinite on Xbox One and Xbox Series X,little is known about the nature of the new 343 title: do we know it is very ambitious,that it has been in development for five years and that it will represent a"spiritual reboot"of the series, but will it be a linear FPS, an open world or a mix between the two?

Today a possible clue gives us the line of LEGO Mega Contrux-likebrick toys, which has announced the commercialization of construction sets dedicated precisely to Halo Infinite:a Warthog,a Mongoose and a Pelican.

The interesting thing, as you can see from the tweets below, is that both the Warthog and the Mongoose can be reassembled into aquatic vehicles,a speedboat and a jet ski (the Pelican, on the other hand, can be reassembled in a UNSC base); This might suggest that Halo Infinite will also be present with these player-driven vehicles, and if that's the case, it could only suggest a more open-world gameplay structure.

But it might not be anything: maybe it's a simple Mega Construx initiative to allow buyers to have more uses from their brick sets without necessarily creating Halo vehicles. We'll have to wait to find out what the truth is: in the meantime here are the two offending tweets.