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The post-apocalyptic management Surviving the Aftermath comes as a surprise on the Game Store

Today began the PDXCON, a conference event dedicated to Paradox Interactive during which the Swedish publisher revealed a welcome surprise for Xbox fans passionate about simulated titles: the studio has in fact announced and simultaneously released in Game Preview Surviving the Aftermath, management of the Finnish Iceflake Studios that will see us rebuild civilization after a nuclear apocalypse.

Being in Game Preview,the title is still being developed with final release expected towards the end of 2020, but in the meantime fans of the genre will be able to contribute to the development not only by purchasing the game (which will then be converted into the version at no extra cost, even if it costs more), but also offering suggestions to developers about features to fix or improve.

Find the official features of the game below, followed by the announcement trailer and a set of images, while you can buy it for 19.99 Euros or download the free trial version from your consoles or from this page.

Survive and thrive in a post-apocalyptic future. Resources are limited, but it presents an opportunity. Build the best disaster-proof colony, protect your settlers, and restore civilization to a devastated world. Remember: the end of the world is just the beginning.

  • No place is like your own home - Build and manage a colony of survivors after an apocalyptic event. Build more than 50 unique buildings to manage everything from resource harvesting to growing, exploring, and protecting your colony. Don't forget to create the special door that will allow you to venture into the wild world beyond your colony.
  • Surviving Earth - Explore a vast, procedurally generated world with six different biomes packed with exploitable resources, bandits, and more. Each environment has different conditions that will affect the survival of your colony. Keep your eyes peeled: natural disasters will test your survivors.
  • Surviving is my specialty - Recruit over 46 unique specialists, each with their own skills and motivations, to manage resources and production in your colony. Send them past the door on scientific missions, searching for supplies and confronting bandits.
  • Expect the Unexpected - Post-apocalyptic life will force you to make difficult moral decisions. You may not be able to control everything within your colony, but your reaction to emerging situations and events will shape the nature of your new civilization.
  • Game Preview - With Surviving the Aftermath, we want to engage the player community early in the game's development. We'll regularly implement new content, created through player feedback, throughout the Game Preview period. We look forward to embarking on this adventure with our players and working together to reach its full potential.

MX Video - Surviving the Aftermath