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Challenging blasphemous platformer is now available, launch trailer

Team17 reminds us that from today we can buy on the Games Store buy on the Blasphemous,the new action-platformer with retro style of The Game Kitchen that will test our reflexes and our combination with extremely challenging gameplay.

Blasphemous sees us play as the Penitent,the only survivor of the "Silent Pain" massacre. Trapped in an endless cycle of death and rebirth, the protagonist must rid the world of this terrible fate and reach the origin of his torment, fighting with the use of devastating combos and brutal executions. These are the main features of the game:

  • Explore a non-linear world: Overcome terrifying enemies and deadly traps across a variety of different landscapes and seek redemption in the Gothic world of Cvstodia.
  • Brutal Fights:Unleash the power of Mea Culpa - a sword born of the same guilt - to slaughter your enemies. Get devastating new combos and special moves by purifying everything you encounter.
  • Executions: Unleash your wrath and savor the bloody dismemberment of your opponents with stunning animations of perfect graphics.
  • Customize your gear:Discover and equip Relics, Rosary Grains, Prayers, and Sword Hearts to get the skills and upgrades you'll need to survive. Experiment with different combinations to suit your playing style.
  • Epic Final Bosses: Hordes of gigantic and twisted creatures are between you and your target. Study how they move, survive their devastating attacks, and defeat them.
  • Unlock the mysteries of Cvstodia: The world is full of tormented souls. Some offer you help, others want something in return. Discover the stories and fortunes of these tortured characters for rewards and a deeper understanding of the dark world in which you live.

We'll leave you now to the launch trailer, have a good viewing!

MX Video - Blasphemous