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Rumor: Microsoft abandons plans for two versions of Scarlett, only one console will arrive

At E3 Microsoft announced the existence of Project Scarlett by revealing its first features,and many have noted how Phil Spencer was talking about the "next console", in the singular, instead of referring to a line of consoles as suggested last year and as the rumors about the Models Lockhart (cheap) and Anaconda (maximum performance) had made us think.

And from the Xbox conference to E3 more and more insiders have begun to suggest that Microsoft may have canceled plans on a dual console in favor of a more classic "unique model": the most recent and authoritative of these is the journalist Brad Sams, who in an article on the website explains that Microsoft, which in the past had different confidential documentation on dual-console strategy, has now removed all references to Lockhart from its plans referring to asingle console called justScarlett.

Sams explains that, after talking to several insiders, he came up with the idea that a less powerful console was starting to create problems for development studios engaged in next-gen titles, forced to produce titles that could run on platforms from the very different power. But it also seems that xCloud has played in favor of Lockhart's removal: the cheap console was seen as a way for players to play cheaply with the most advanced titles, but now this role will be filled by the game service Microsoft streaming.

So should we prepare for the arrival of only one Xbox Scarlett at the end of 2020? And if so, will it still be a powerful, high-priced console, or will Microsoft look for a greater price-power equipity? We won't find out officially before the next E3, but in the meantime we keep the radars on to pick up every rumor!