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New details on Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order: Ship-hubs, fights and more

After the long gameplay Of the Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order revealed last night, Game Informer has published several interesting information about the title of Respawn not deductible either from the gameplay footage, nor from the demo put later to Of the journalists and we will also give you our impressions shortly. We then collect below the most interesting information released by the American warhead.

Probably the most interesting is the fact that in the game we will have our own spaceship, the Stinger Mantis, with which we can move between the various planets and replace the loading screens between one world and the other: during the Shifts in fact we can explore the spaceship as a real game hub, open the galactic map and participate in various activities with the crew members. From this point of view recalls the Normandy of Mass Effect.

The Stinger Mantis will also be customizable externally by the players, who can change colors and other elements of the appearance. The fact that we can see the stellar map and move between planets does not mean that Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is an open world game: The Missions are all linear (albeit in very large levels), but we can return to the Planets already explored to visit its space ports, where we can make various purchases and interact with the characters.

In addition to this we discover that we can customize our lightsaber with different components and crystals, thus giving life to different aspects that, imagine, will also have an impact on the gameplay, and as far as the real fighting Game Informer them Pull over to those of Sekiro; The difficulty level is quite high, the enemies are tough and will serve to approach every clash with a tactical mentality.

The main character, Cal Kestis, will be improved and upgradeable through a skill tree, and it seems that in some missions we can also drive vehicles with weapons on board. Finally the title will make available a Photo Mode to allow us to capture the settings found. Game Informer explains that the game ran at 60 FPS constant and was a real joy for the eyes, but it is unclear to which platforms this applies and if the owners of Xbox One X can choose between graphics and performance.

For now it's all: we'll send you back to the next few hours for our hands-on impressions on the game!