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War Tech Fighters ' Mechs arrive on our consoles on June 27th

After almost a year from the landing on PC, the title Action science fiction of the Italian studio Drakkar Dev, War Tech Fighters, will arrive on the console on June 27. The news is accompanied by a new trailer and details about the contents of the console version.

MX Video - War Tech Fighters
They will include the exclusive "Archangel War Tech" set that includes: The "Sword of Glory", the"Halberd of Redemption" and the "Shield of Faith", all available from the beginning of the game.

For those who have not yet heard about the title, War Tech Fighters is set in a sci-fi universe in which the ruthless Zatros Empire has full control of the galaxy. The two rebel colonies of Hebos and Ares unite forces, giving rise to a resistance, achievable mainly thanks to the most powerful and efficient weapons in space combat: The War Tech, giant robots with unparalleled resistance and lethal precision Led by the protagonist of the story, Captain Nathan Romanis.

Players will impersonate the latter in as many as Thirty-three single-player missions through the Galaxy, with the ability to customize the robot with over a hundred components, colors and various upgrades, starting from a set of three basic robots and unlocking Development projects for new technologies (such as a cannon working on antimatter) or improvements to weapons.

During the missions it is possible to recruit duels with both white weapons, like huge swords and with firearms and the very interesting aspect is the possibility to switch from one FPS mode to the TPS, so that you can live the battles with different points of view.

But the title of Drakkar Dev has not only a campaign, in fact, in addition to single-player missions are also present online challenges in a survival mode set in three different arenas, which guarantee additional rewards and the ability to compete in Achieving a global ranking.

War Tech Fighters will be available from 27 June on Xbox one ; In the meantime we can get an idea of the game content and the spectacular spatial scenarios of the title in the trailer that we leave below: good vision!

MX Video - War Tech Fighters