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343 Industries reiterates: Halo Infinite will come on Xbox One

After the recent rumor that they want Halo endless coming out at the launch of the next line of Xbox, codenamed Project Scarlett, fans have been concerned that, to play the new Master Chief's adventure, they will be forced to buy One of the new consoles. In this regard, we wanted to intervene then the franchise director of Halo in 343 Industries, Frank O'Connor, who in a tweet reiterated that the game will come on Xbox One.

This confirms, if the rumors about the launch of project Scarlett are true, that Halo Infinite will be a cross-genproject, that is sold for both Xbox One and the next line console, or even that will come in a single version capable of Run on both generations of consoles.

To know what are the plans for the new title of 343 Industries we will have to wait for the E3 in June, during which however the title is not likely to be shown in its playable form but we'll see a new tech demo engine slipspace engine that Feeds. Appointment then in June, except the previous leak and rumor!