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The first update for Battlefield V, Chapter 1: prelude, arrives tomorrow and you see in videos

At a distance of 2 weeks after release, Battlefield V is updated with a new free update paving the way to upgrade post-launch previously announced by SAYS and Electronic Arts . The first update coming tommorow and titled Chapter 1: Prelude brings a new multiplayer map, a war story and the rewards that recognize advances in various challenges . .

In the new map Panzerstorm , German mechanized forces advance in rural Belgium ravaging the defenses of Allies . In this arena focused on tanks one must pass ridges, ditches and causeways with a massive column of armored personnel carriers.

In the new war story "the last Tiger" players will become part of the crew of a German Tiger I tank, a half virtually indestructible engaged in a losing battle in departure within the confines of Germany .

With the Chapter 1 there's also training center, customization of vehicles and new rewards for progressing in the chapter.

We leave you to your movie that shows an overview of the update: enjoy!

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