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The Xbox Adaptive Controller is one of Time's best inventions of 2018

As you will recall, the Xbox Adaptive Controller was announced last May and its particularity is that it is a special controller thought and aimed at people with disabilities. Microsoft , always very attentive to the needs of all players, he designed the Xbox Adaptive Controller to improve and empower people with certain physical problems gaming experience at best ways.

The Xbox Adaptive Controller is larger than a traditional controller, is designed to be placed on a surface so as to be handled more easily, and has the ability to connect a variety of devices to control, depending on each player's disability; the packaging of the controller and the box are designed to be easily opened to people who have physical problems of various kinds.

Thanks to this project definitely unique and very innovative, Time magazine put him on the list of 50 best inventions marketed in 2018, dedicating even a picture on the cover of the monthly magazine, which You can see below.

Surely this is a good result for Microsoft and a source of pride for all his team that always more careful and constant attention to those less fortunate. The Xbox Adaptive Controller is currently selling the Microsoft Store , but it is obviously devoid of the various accessories and actuators that separately depending on specific individual disability.