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Microsoft: PUBG reaches 3 million players on Xbox One

The fact that the phenomenon of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds was destined to repeat itself even on Xbox One after the incredible explosion on PC, we had already suspect when the game surpassed the million players in 48 hours from launch; Now we have confirmation that that was no fluke and that title continues to welcome new players on Xbox.

Microsoft has announced that the game has now passed 3 million players on Xbox One, confirming the incredible success. As before, we stress that, unlike some sites are reporting, this does not necessarily mean 3 million in sales for the game because MS speaks specifically of "players", and if we consider family and friends profiles use the game sharing to use the same copy on multiple profiles, it is likely that sales are still less than 3 million, but still very high, most likely exceeding 2 million.

I mean, one thing is certain: the shooter battle royale by Bluehole is having an incredible success on Xbox One, which could lead to being the most sold internationally console for Christmas.

Microsoft also took advantage of the announcement to reaffirm that the Xbox One version of the game will continue to enjoy the great constant support had so far by developers, with continuous updates that will improve constantly and confirm that it is in It also forecast the arrival of the second map in the game, the desert area- Miramar , rich in Mexican villages, mountains and canyons.

We conclude by complimenting to Microsoft and Bluehole for the excellent results of the game on Xbox One, and I wish have fun to all those of you who are playing!