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Diablo IV: Open Beta has a date, content details

Blizzard announced today when we can finally try on our consoles the highly anticipated new Diablo IV, new episode of the emblazoned action-RPG series. The title will be playable in advance over the course of two weekends, the first of which is dedicated to those who have pre-ordered the game in digital version.

Here are the dates:

  • Early Access Beta: March 17-19 (pre-ordered the game will receive a code to redeem here)
  • Open Beta: March 24-26

During Open Beta and Early Access weekends, we'll be able to experience the first moments of Diablo IV, playing the Prologue and the entire Act 1. To fully immerse ourselves in all the creepy and glorious elements of Sanctuary, we can explore the entire first zone, Fractured Peaks. From traversing the rugged landscape to killing demons with furious force, this will be our chance to venture into the Mortal Realm and see what horrors await us.

This Beta will allow us to reach a maximum level 25, but once we reach this level we can still continue to play, albeit without seeing our character grow further.