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Ubisoft: the new Assassin's Creed will not have a gameplay in the modern era

After the several announcements related to Assassin's Creed made last night, many fans of the series have wondered what will become of the "modern timeline" of the series, the one that in fact justifies the very existence of the Animus and our incursions into the past. In this regard, Ubisoft has intervened by clarifying that this aspect of the game will be greatly reduced in the future.

As for Assassin's Creed Mirage, in fact, the developers have clarified that although at the beginning of the game we will see someone enter the Animus in the present day and exit at the end of the story, in the course of the game there will be no gameplay set in the modern era.

As for the titles of the AC Infinity, Codename Red and Hexe platform, however, the speech is even more extreme: Ubisoft sees the Infinity platform as our "personal Animus", to which we can connect to explore the history of numerous characters that will be added over the years. For this reason there will be no connection with modern history because, in fact, the "modern killers" will be ourselves. An approach that draws inspiration from what has already been seen in the past with AC Unity and Syndicate, although now the phases will disappear altogether in the present day.

Those who hoped for the return of an interesting and more pervasive modern storyline like Desmond's, therefore, must probably abandon hopes: as Ubisoft itself clarified during last night's event, the Assassin's Creed series will focus solely on making us explore historical events.