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Annapurna reveals the imaginative world of Flock, on Game Pass at launch

Today's revelations of Annapurna Interactive continue, and this time it is a decidedly original title: Flock is a co-op multiplayer title set in a vast and colorful fantasy world that we can explore as "flying shepherds" while collecting and carrying with us strange flying creatures.

The game is for now without a release date, but will arrive on the Game Pass at launch; we leave you to the official information, the announcement trailer and a set of images.

Flock is a cooperative multiplayer title about the joys of flying and collecting adorable flying creatures with friends where players impersonate flying shepherds, each focused on their respective unique flock of adorable flying creatures. Cruise beautiful landscapes in search of rare and elusive creatures to add to your flock.

The game is an ode to the joy of flight and discovery. Starting from a small flock of winged sheep, it will be up to you to raise them and make them soar towards new pristine pastures. Along the way, you will discover the secrets of the beautiful mountains and their wild creatures.

Bizarre flying creatures. Are they fish? Birds? Snakes? It's a real mystery. However, they are mainly sociable and with a minimum of skills you can attract them to your flock.

As your flock expands and your sheep's coat thickens, you can use shearing wool to create hats, sweaters and even socks!

Can you find all the creatures? Including the rarest and most elusive? Will you keep them all to yourself or will you share them with friends? Will you crochet the longest scarf ever seen? Will you find the legendary Golden Bewl?

MX Video - Flock