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Bohemia announces a surprise Arma Reforger, available exclusively on Xbox Series X|S

Bohemia Interactive today announced Arma Reforger, the new multiplayer FPS of the famous war series that stands as a sort of "bridge" to Arma 4, currently in development at the studio. The real surprise, however, is that the game is available from today at the price of 29.99 Euro, in early access / Game Preview version and exclusive Xbox Series X|S console as well as on Steam.

The aim of the game is to show the progress made by the studio on their new Enfusion engine, but also to provide the community with an extremely editable title through internal tools to allow players to create and share their own experiences.

We leave you to the official information, the announcement trailer and a set of images of the game.

Fight for the supremacy of a stunning 51 km² island in realistic Cold War environments or shape spectacular real-time scenarios in Game Master mode in Reforger Weapon, developed with the new Enfusion technology. Return to Everon, the war-torn microstate already featured in the hit game that started it all, Weapon: Cold War Assault.

Arma Reforger is a versatile, creative platform with full mod support that offers a glimpse of what the future will be: it represents the first step towards Arma 4.

Return to Everon, a 51 km² island located in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean that is part of the Malden archipelago. Rediscover the Settings of Operation Flashpoint that you already know and immerse yourself in the natural beauty of a huge open world, characterized by beautiful landscapes dotted with pine and deciduous forests, roaring rivers, ponds, idyllic cities and austere mountains, pebble beaches and rocky coasts.

Join other players online and live a realistic combat experience in the context of the Cold War as a US soldier or a Soviet soldier. Conquer strategic positions, dominate the battlefield and collaborate with other players to secure objectives in a dynamic and ruthless environment, using a series of weapons and vehicles typical of that historical period and recreated in detail. Return to the battlefield with Reforger Weapon's multiplayer mode.

Game Master
Manage events, create one-of-a-kind missions and guide players to victory with Game Master mode, or get caught up in challenges devised by the all-powerful game masters and fight your way through a responsive sandbox where nothing is taken for granted.

For the first time in the Arma series, the game lands on both Xbox and PC. Arma Reforger mods are now available to everyone and can be downloaded by players on consoles through the Content Workshop, an exclusive in-game archive featuring content created and shared by players.

Step into the shoes of the game master and manage events for your friends from behind the scenes in Arma Reforger's real-time scenario editor, or team up and take on other players far and wide on the vast island terrain of Conflict Mode.

Thanks to the Enfusion engine, you can create mods in Reforger Weapon using the same tools with which the game was developed. Introduce new mechanics, gameplay elements, textures and more. Test your scripting skills, push yourself beyond the limits of imagination, reshape the game and share your creative vision with other players!

Content workshop
Enrich the game with original mods, or create exclusive content and share it! The Content Workshop is Bohemia Interactive's integrated archive that offers the same creative possibilities to both console and PC players.

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