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Bandai Namco brings brick wrestlers to the arena with LEGO Brawls

Bandai Namco today announced a new LEGO licensed title, something decidedly unusual for the franchise: LEGO Brawls is in fact a multiplayer fighting game "like Smash Bros" that will see us fight using the famous mini-characters customizable in brick arenas.

Coming later this summer, LEGO Brawls will offer players a wide range of customization options to mix and match official LEGO bricks and create unique characters, which can be completed with personal equipment and power-ups based on each player's preferred playstyle. It will be possible to really compete with everything from baguettes to cake cannons, to portable stereos and rocket punches. With a wide range of multiplayer modes, unique challenges and different victory conditions, all family members will be able to enjoy this competitive brick experience.

We leave you to the announcement trailer and a set of images of the game.

MX Video - LEGO Brawls