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Gotham Knights abandons the old-gen versions, new gameplay with Nightwing and Red Hood

Warner Bros. updates us today on the state of development of Gotham Knights, the new action game by WB Montreal set in the world of Batman, confirming its release for October 25 but announcing that the game will no longer be released on old-gen consoles but only on the new generation ones: this will allow developers to produce the best possible experience for players.

In addition to this, the publisher has released a new gameplay video in which director Geoff Ellenor shows us for the first time the fights of Nightwing and Red Hood as they bring justice to the criminals of Gotham City and investigate the mysterious Court of Owls. This gameplay analysis highlights each character's fighting style and soft skills, from Nightwing's acrobatic combat and glider wings to Nightwing's two-weapon skills and impressive jumping ability. Here it is below, combined with a set of new images; good vision!

MX Video - Gotham Knights