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Tunnel of Terror is out, the first expansion of Back 4 Blood

Seven months after the game's debut, the first substantial addition of new content for Back 4 Blood, called "Tunnel of Terror", is available. The new proposal of Turtle Rock Studios introduces a new activity, based on the Haunted Hives, dungeons located underground in the city of Evansburgh.

These labyrinths of underground tunnels guarantee rich rewards to the Steminatori who dare to venture inside them and arrive alive at the end of the exploration.

The mode therefore remains in the wake traced by the main game, a PvE designed especially for team play, but with some tricks that aim to make the experience more varied and satisfying.

Inside these Hives there are also some new types of special Haunted, able to provide new serious headaches to the Exterminators (in particular the fearsome Shredder!).

Speaking of Exterminators, the DLC adds two debutants, Heng and Sharice, to the group of characters / classes to choose our alter-ego: both are equipped with unique skills, particularly suitable to face the novelties proposed by "Tunnel of Terror".

The DLC can be downloaded by all those who are in possession of the Annual Pass of the game, or it can be purchased separately at the price of € 14.99.

It is however sufficient that only one person owns the license of the DLC, to allow his whole team to play the new mode proposed by "Tunnel of Terror": a very interesting possibility considering that, we remember, the "basic" version of the game is available to all Xbox Game Pass subscribers.

And the news does not end here for Back 4 Blood: in conjunction with the release of the DLC, the game has also received a new free update that, in addition to the usual dose of new cosmetic elements and new upgrade cards, introduces a new level of difficulty, called "No Hope", which further raises the level of challenge and is therefore designed for more experienced players and with duly enhanced builds.