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Halo Infinite: here is the new demonstration of the Campaign

As announced, Microsoft and 343 Industries have released today the new gameplay of the Halo InfiniteCampaign , in an overview of the features of the title that shows us numerous gameplay situations and the different game systems that we can exploit in the role of Master Chief, as well as many of the enemies that we will face.

But one of the focuses of this demonstration was obviously the graphic sector, which is undoubtedly improved, both from the point of view of lighting and graphic effects, and for the definition of polygonal models, compared to the controversial reveal of July 2020. Not surprisingly, in this video, 343 Industries wanted to re-propose different sequences of last year's demo, so as to allow fans to make a comparison on the graphic improvements made.

But no more gossip, admire it yourself below!

MX Video - Halo Infinite