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The Tech Preview of Halo Infinite starts late, now it's online

All those who yesterday were waiting for the start of the Tech Preview of Halo Infinite (including us, who had to give up showing it to you live last night), were left dry-mouthed due to a bug on the game's servers that forced 343 Industries to a massive update of all the servers with consequent slippage of the Preview.

This is also obviously part of a test of this type: problems like these must emerge on these occasions so as to be fixed for the launch of the game.

After this false start, however, the Preview is finally available:if you had received the acceptance email in the test, you should find the possibility to download the game from the Insider App to the console. You don't need to access the Waypoint portal,because everything happens directly from the app. If you see the game as "pending" in the app, perform a full restart of the console and it should unlock.

If you have not been allowed and want to take a look at the game, on Twitch you will find numerous streamers struggling with the game. We will try to show it to you too, but only after we make sure that we can conduct a live without a hitch or endless waits in the hub of the game. Stay tuned!