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Planet of Lana, a wonderful world arrives on Xbox

A cute and cute black kitten and a little boy are the protagonists of the fascinating new title coming in late 2022 on Xbox and PC. In the film you can see fantastic settings and scenarios in very evocative cartoon style. The title called Planet of Lana is shown at Geoff Keighley's event in all its beauty.

Set in an alien world, Planet of Lana tells the story of Lana and her faithful animal companion Mui as they embark on a rescue mission to save her sister. This touching tale is experienced through the lens of a cinematic side-scrolling game format, as players explore a colorful world filled with stunning environments, strange creatures, and dangerous machines. From a gameplay perspective, Planet of Lana is an adventure full of bold platforms, immersive puzzles, tense stealth sequences, and a mechanic that connects Lana and Mui, allowing unique gameplay and story moments using their tandem skills.

This out-of-this-world odyssey is tied together with a completely unique visual style that combines hand-drawn artwork, complex parallase overlays, and subtle use of 3D graphics to give the look of an interactive painting. On high-end PCs and Xbox Series X, Planet of Lana will shoot at a native resolution of 4K at 60 frames per second, allowing its incredible artwork to come to life. More details about Planet of Lana gameplay, history, and performance profiles for other devices in the Xbox console family will be shared later.

We leave you to the ad trailer and a set of images: good vision!

MX Video - Planet of Lana