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Flight Simulator for Xbox appears fleetingly on the Game Pass: surprise release at E3?

One of the titles that many are waiting to be able to try on Xbox is Microsoft Flight Simulator,the stunning flight simulator already released on PC that reproduces with a lot of details and hyper-realistic graphics the entire globe, allowing us to fly wherever we want and to fly over all the locations in the world, many of which are reproduced with a lot of details.

Fans of the title are still waiting for the date from which they will be able to play it on consoles (included in the Game Pass), and judging by a fleeting leak apparently that took place today on the Xbox Game Pass app, it could come sooner than we think.

In fact, some users have detected today that, looking for the game on the app, not only the PC version was listed, but also the console version:

Now the game no longer appears in console version, but if what users report is true, it means that Microsoft is preparing to publish the Xbox version of the title. That it is one of the announcements coming to E3 with immediate release on the day of the event, accompanied by the classic phrase "available now"?

Of course we hope so: we will listen and report any news on the title!