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MLB The Show 21 will be included in the Game Pass at launch

When Sony announced that MLB baseball simulator The Show 21 would arrive on Xbox after being an exclusive PlayStation franchise for about 15 years, it came as a surprise to everyone. But we didn't know that the biggest surprise was yet to come: Microsoft announced today that the title will arrive in the Game Pass at launch, april 20th!

Both versions of the game, the one for Xbox One and the one for Xbox Series X/S, will arrive in the Microsoft service: this is obviously incredible news for the American market, where baseball is a very popular sport, but certainly very welcome also for Italian players passionate about American sports.

What's most surprising is the fact that a Sony title not only comes out on Xbox, but also comes to launch on the Game Pass, offering a tangible advantage to Microsoft console owners,while PlayStation users will have to pay it $70.

The announcement is accompanied by a new trailer for the game, which we show you below.

MX Video - MLB The Show 21