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Survival title Green Hell invites us to its jungle starting in June

Polish studio Creepy Jar has announced that Green Hell, a realistic survival game set in the Amazon jungle that has already been a great success on PC, will arrive on our consoles in June.

Designed to be enjoyable in both single-player and four-player co-op via an intense Story mode, Green Hell is a suffocating struggle for survival in the Amazon rainforest. To survive we will have to face an adventure in which loneliness will test our physical and mental endurance.

We leave you below to the official information about the game and the announcement trailer of the console edition.

Green Hell is a survival game in an open world set in the Amazon rainforest.

You have been abandoned in the jungle without food or equipment: your goal is to survive and find a way out. Eager to survive, you'll face an adventure where loneliness will test your physical and mental endurance. How long can you resist the mysterious dangers of the jungle?

During this adventure, you won't be able to count on outside help. Armed only with your own hands, you'll need to learn realistic survival techniques to build shelters, tools, and weapons that will allow you to defend and hunt. Constantly threatened by the jungle, you will have to face not only wild animals and tropical diseases, but also the riddles of your own psyche and the fears that meander in the heart of a seemingly endless forest.

You found yourself in the impenetrable and verdant Amazon rainforest, the green hell. Your goal is to survive in this nightmare environment and exploit your inventiveness to escape. Having only one radio available, you will have to follow the voice of a loved one who will guide you through this inhospitable jungle, gradually revealing why you are in this place. What you find could be worse than all that you had to fight to survive...

How far can the human mind go?



  • Take advantage of real survival techniques (such as setting up a campfire, camp, or traps to catch animals)
  • Search and build items that help you survive (including weapons and tools)
  • Learn to get food (through hunting or growing)
  • Take care of wounds, diseases and infections, depending on the situation

Green Hell's story emphasizes the psychological aspect of survival in extreme conditions. You will face a desperate situation, forced to fight alone to survive until the next day. The danger comes not only from the environment, but also from the risk of losing sanity. Will you reach salvation or sink into the depths of your own mind? To find out the truth, you will have to face the toughest of battles: the one against yourself, your weaknesses and your fears.

The Amazon rainforest is the richest natural environment in the world: exotic, spectacular, full of colors and sounds, but at the same time deadly, ruthless and inflexible towards those who do not know it.

  • The game takes place in part of the Amazon rainforest
  • Rich reproduction of plants and animal species (mammals, reptiles, birds and insects)
  • Detailed simulation of animal behaviour and habits
  • Climate dynamically affects the environment

Surviving in these extreme conditions requires great willpower: without it, only madness and death await you. In Green Hell, physical and psychological well-being are closely linked. Diagnosis mode allows you to examine your state of health in an attempt to heal wounds or remove any parasites that have decided to reside in your body.
The psychophysical parameters of the character include:

  • Psychological condition
  • Physical condition


  • Set in the stunning but deadly Amazon rainforest
  • Diagnosis mode
  • A wide variety of flora and fauna and countless dangers to face
  • Events and environment affect the character's psyche
  • An exciting story
  • The environment changes dynamically according to weather conditions

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