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MMO Last Oasis survival comes as a surprise in Game Preview on Xbox

The Donkey Crew studio today announced thesurprise release , priced at 29.99 Euros, of the MMO survival Last Oasis on Xbox, taking advantage of the Game Preview program to allow players to try and support the title during development. The game comes aligned with all pc version content, including the recent Season 3,and with full cross-play support to allow Xbox and PC players to play with each other.

Set thousands of years into the future on a post-apocalyptic Earth, Last Oasis sees players step into the role of survivors who have become nomads, forced to flee the scorching sunlight after a cataclysmic event halted the planet's rotation. Nomads owe through the huge open world on land-based ships made of wood and powered by the wind, better known as Walkers, which can be adapted for travel, transportation, harvesting or combat. The remnants of humanity survive only by sending reluctant nomads to passing oases to confront fearsome clans and gather the resources needed to keep moving. Not many, however, return alive from these places.

Main features:

  • Crossplay Realms: Last Oasis players will be able to enjoy the game across all platforms and together, thanks to cross-platform support between Xbox and the PC version of Steam.
  • Revisited USER INTERFACE: Complete UI restructuring, including both Mouse & Keyboard and Gamepad controls.
  • Gamepad Controls: Available to both Xbox and PC players, the input scheme was created to bring controls from competitive standards to all players, regardless of the input method used.
  • Realms for Xbox only: Xbox Players will have the option to enter the official Crossplay Realms or Xbox-only Realms.
  • A new browser for realms: Season 3 comes with the addition of a whole new approach to Realms in Last Oasis. This means smaller realms, a faster pace of play, and the ability to own multiple characters (1 per realm). For more information on realms click here.

"With the launch on Xbox and the start of Season 3, instead of a single realm in which to bring all players together from all zones, the world will be divided into a series of realms, each with its own region, size, and clan boundary." Florian Hoffreither, the Creative Director of Donkey Crew and the Project Lead of Last Oasis commented. "Now, everyone can choose how to play and, more importantly, with whom." Season 3 starts on Last Oasis starting today on all platforms. In the next paragraph, the full list of all the news of the new update. Features of Season 3

  • Sky Walkers Powered by a complex system of machinery with a shape that recalls unfolded wings, Sky Walkers steering wheels allow players to capture the wind to take their wooden machines to new heights. With a realistic flight model and all the possibilities of the iconic Walkers, the Sky Walkers take the nomad experience to another level.
  • New map - The Kali Spires oasis features an entire city in the sky ready to explore. Reachable by nomads only through the Sky Walkers, it offers unimaginable treasures but, at the same time, contains several threats to anyone who dares to venture into it. On the map you will also find new enemies to fight, settlements to loot, resources to collect and much more.
  • Giant Worms - Experience Giant Worms for the first time in Last Oasis. Called "The Long Creatures," these wandering beings are the biggest threat nomads face. Worms are ferocious: once a beast puts its gaze on a Walker, it won't look after anything else. To defeat the worm it is necessary for veteran nomad hunters to unite and take it down.
  • Asteroids - Due to the continued erosion of the Moon, other asteroids continue to fall from the sky. Now not only in remote deserts, but also in livable oases. These giant and dangerous rocks hide great treasures for those who will go digging first. Will you be willing to fight against your fellow nomads for the riches of the Moon?

Now let's leave you to the launch trailer and a set of images of the game.

MX Video - Last Oasis