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Back 4 Blood returns to show itself in 4 minutes of play

After announcing its postponement to October yesterday and the arrival of an Open Beta in the summer, the boys at Turtle Rock Studios are now updating us on the progress in developing Back 4 Blood with a game demonstration of just under 4 minutes during which we also learn new details about the title.

During the demonstration we see that the four players encounter numerous enemies including a huge destructive monster simply calledthe Ogre,and that we can decide whether to fight or run away and then face it later.

The video also shows how Back 4 Blood has a card system that allows players to gain extra benefits for both the individual and the entire team. Through the cards you can also get items such as med-kits, ammo and other upgrades, and the developers claim to have been heavily influenced by rogue-like games for this feature.

Let's leave you to the movie: good vision.

MX Video - Back 4 Blood